A guide to 42 Championship

Become an absolute champion with 42 Faith Guide
August 6, 2019
Have you ever wondered about the source of your passions, your abilities and your special talents that drives you to perform your respective role in life? Think about the investments, sacrifices and effort that you made and were made on behalf of you so that you can fulfill your innermost desires and goals. Take a minute off your busy schedule for contemplation and get ready to take a memorable journey with 42 faith guide.
Based on the principals of the 42 movie that portrays the story of an aspiring black baseball player who had the same desires as you but whose path was compounded by a series of setbacks and hurdles on account of his birth color, the 42 Faith Guide opens your eyes and mind to a new revolution in how to transform yourself as a champion irrespective of your sphere of life. 42 Faith is the ultimate go-to guide for anyone who’s making the effort to understand who and why God created them to be, those who seek answers on how to deploy their spiritual gifts for the purpose of victory and success. Unfold with 42, a powerfully moving epic story of the journey taken by two aspiring black baseball payers who had the inner ability and power to overcome life’s setbacks, segregations and hurdles to redefine the meaning of success.
From building and strengthening character to perceiving the true meaning of sacrifices, 42 Faith Guide teaches you the way of handling victory and success with true humility through the word and wisdom of God. We all have our fair share of burdens, at least one! No matter what burden you are carrying, the story of ‘42’ will guide you to reach strength beyond yourself and your particular sphere in life. Move through the steps of 42 Faith guide not just once, twice but until you are running totally on the direct path to the championship. Jackie Robinson’s story is proof about what you can achieve in life. He shows us all, that success is not an option but a fact once your mind, body and soul are geared wholly towards achieving it.

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